Newborn Girls! – Long Island

I love babies.  I absolutely LOVE them.  When I grow up, I am strongly considering becoming a baby nurse/photographer.  Do you think people would want those services?!  I know I would!  

I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting to meet these baby girls!  They have an amazing Mommy and Daddy, who were so patient and so good to their girls in the belly that they stayed in there until they were full term which is amazing! 

Now they are here!  And I got to visit them and capture some moments that I think are the most precious.  Those first days when they are dressed in those, way too big for them hospital onesies, swaddled up in those white, teal & pink receiving blankets, with those pink and blue hats half covering their faces!  They are so new, and so sleepy, and so so so sweet!  

Introducing…Lindsey & Chloe!



Mommy…Little girls are a sassy bunch.  Seems little Chloe is giving a new face to sweet & sassy already!














HT11814-2wmI love this family.  I love these girls and their baby yawns, tiny hands, full delicious lips and sweet sleepy faces.  I know the love that Mommy & Daddy are experiencing right now, and I am so happy for them I could burst!  2 beautiful, healthy girls and true love.  It is a miracle and a gift.  



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